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31 Jul What’s changed from 1st July 2019

The Australian Government has announced some of the significant changes made in recent years, including a large reduction in permanent intake.

Immigration cap lowered

The government has changed the maximum intake of permanent migration for the first time since 2011. Migrant intake has changed from 190,000 to 160,000 per year over the course of 3 years. 70% of migrants will be in the Skill stream and the remaining 30% will be in the Family Stream.

This change is a result of the issue of growing congestion in Sydney and Melbourne. The largest impact caused by the changes will be felt by those with or seeking Skilled Independent Visas, which have been slashed from over 43,000 to 18,000 visas. These changes could force an extended temporary residency period.

Regional visas

It is well known that one of the main objectives for the Australian Government is a guarantee that immigrants can live and work in regional areas. Australia still needs a lot of different professionals, however they can’t live in the larger cities anymore to permanently remain in Australia.

23,00 skilled visas are being reserved for those willing to live and work in regional areas. There are two new visas to be introduced in November of this year. The Skilled Employer Sponsor Visa and the Skilled Work Regional Visa will have 9,000 and 14,000 places respectively within the annual immigration cap of 160,000.

Extra points on Skilled Migration Points Test

While you must score a minimum of 65 points, this score is not always sufficient to be invited to apply. This year the government is offering some extra points:
· (10 points) for having a skilled spouse or de facto partner;
· (15 points) for applicants nominated by a State or Territory government or sponsored by a family member residing in regional Australia;
· (10 points)for having certain STEM qualifications ;
· (10 points) for applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner; and
· (5 points) for applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who has competent English

Fees increased for Visa Applications in 2019

Visa fees increased by 5.4% on July 1st.

Citizenship changes abandoned

According to the Media the Federal Government has abandoned legislation that would force migrants to wait longer and prove they have competent english proficiency before applying for Australian Citizenship.

The Greens senator Nick McKim was quoted saying the new laws were “divisive and hateful” and demanded the Coalition abandon them completely.

Coalition MPs furiously denied McKims claims. “This wasn’t about race; this was about making sure people had English and actually had a sense of belonging,” said one Liberal MP who asked not to be named.

The good news is that all citizenship applications will be processed according to the existing laws.


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