English Language Requirements

Vocational English

Vocational English is the required level to obtain a 457 visa, and through the Temporary Residence Transitional Stream for people who have held a 457 visa for 2 years with an employer, namely:

  • Employer Nominated Visa
  • RSMA Visa

Required scores to establish vocational English are as follows:

Competent English

For the majority of the skilled visas applicants will need to show that they have Competent English as a minimum to meet the threshold criteria. If the applicant holds a passport from one of the 5 countries below, the applicant can establish Competent English without completing an English test:

  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Should an applicant not hold a passport from one of the above countries they will need to complete a recognised English language test and obtain the following score as minimum:

Proficient English

If the applicant can demonstrate Proficient English, this will give them 10 points for English Language ability.

Even native English speakers must undertake English Language testing to obtain points for Proficient English or higher.

Scores required for Proficient English are as follows:

Superior English

If the applicant can demonstrate Superior English, this will give the applicant a maximum of 20 points for English language ability.

Minimum scores for Superior English are:

Spouse / Partner

If the applicants spouse or partner has less functional English, then the applicant would need to pay the “English Education Charge” to cover tuition in applying for skilled migration.

They can provide evidence of functional English by providing evidence of one of the following:

  • Completion of a degree, higher degree, diploma or trade certificate that required at least 2 years of study in English medium; or
  • Completion of all years of primary education and at least 3 years of secondary education in English medium; or
  • Completion of at least 5 years of secondary education in English medium; or
  • Scoring at least 4.5. averaged over the four components of the IELTS test within the last 12 months before application; or
  • Completion in Australia of at least 1 year full time study or equivalent part time study towards a degree, higher degree, diploma or associate diploma in English medium.
  • In some circumstances, Functional English can be established via interview

They can also demonstrate Functional English by completing an English test and scoring as follows:

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