Information about Australia

Local Knowledge


We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of each of the capital cities in Australia and what each State and Territory offers. Here you will find information on:

  • A general overview of the city
  • Employment information
  • Education options
  • Housing information
  • Health care – Government and Private
  • Local Licensing and Driving agency
  • Local Government information
  • Local attractions


With contacts throughout Australia, information on a specific region / town can also be provided upon request.


Useful Links


Listed below are useful links that will be beneficial for you in learning more about Australia and the systems that are in place for migrants including health, education, financial institutions and much more.


Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Occupations in Demand List

Skilled Occupation List


Financial Information

There are many financial institutions in Australia to help you with your financial requirements prior to moving and once you arrive. Listed below are some of the larger financial institutions as well as a website with general financial information for migrants.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

National Bank of Australia