24 May Thinking ahead: All the visa changes for 1 July 2019

We know that Australia is the dream country for most of the people that are living here temporarily. We also know that it’s getting harder to secure a visa in this country, and you need to keep up to date with all the news and changes if you want to make this dream come true. Here are a few visa changes that 1st of July applicants should know about:  

Fees are going up:

Government fees will increase on July 1st by 5.4%. If you have started your application, we suggest you finalise it before June 30th. We are more than happy to guide you if you are lost between forms and documents, just get in touch with us. If it’s not possible to submit before June 30th, please consider the increase cost on your finances.

Winter is coming:

Yes, we’re sorry to be dramatic, but it’s not just winter that’s coming; updates to application forms, new legislation and checklists, unannounced changes – these all could come on July 1st. Don’t panic though, we are a specialised immigration group with 12 years of experience. We have survived many “1 July” events already, and this will be no different.

Move away from the biggest cities:

Immigration’s SkillSelect and State Nomination quotas will reset on July 1st, opening up places in the Subclass 189, 190, and 489 (State Nominated) visa streams. Be organised and ready to submit an EOI for a 190 or 489 visa. This means gathering the required documents; skill assessments, qualifications, identity documents, and employment references.

Working holiday visas:

The government is giving 1 extra year, (3 years in total of working holiday visa), if the applicants complete at least 6 months of specific regional work while on their 2nd year visa. Only work undertaken from July 1st will be counted.

Married with my partner visa:

Partner visa sponsorships need to be approved first before applications are lodged. This will prolong the time that couples have to wait to get the permanent residence. This also means that potential offshore applicants and sponsors will have to pass through a stringent process to assess their character and history.  There is no date when the changes for the partner visa will come into effect.


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