Useful Links

Listed below are useful links that will be beneficial for you in learning more about Australia and the systems that are in place for migrants including health, education financial institutions and much more.

Financial Information

There are many financial institutions in Australia to help you with your financial requirements prior to moving and once you arrive. Listed below are some of the larger financial institutions as well as a website with general financial information for migrants.

John Frame of the Loan Clinic is an approved Finance Loan Broker through Westpac – he is thus able to assist migrants to do transactions above the 80% loan to value ratio. For further information please contact him via email

Real Estate

No matter where you decide to live in Australia, the following websites will provide you with a good starting point at locating houses to purchase or rent in your preferred location within Australia.

State & Territory Specific Links

Below you will find some important links that are specific to the State or Territory.

For more links and information about individuals cities in Australia, refer to Local Knowledge

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