Why use a Migration Agent?


There are many reasons why using an agent for your migration application is beneficial.


The task of completing application forms correctly, submitting the forms on time, trudging through pages of information to determine the best visa for your circumstances and payment of non-refundable application fees are just some of th benefits of having a migration agent look after the entire process on your behalf.


In addition to the benefits above, by using an agent you also:

  • Increase your chance of success of your skills, sponsorship and visa applications being accepted as you can be sure the information and documentation that has been submitted to the Department of Immigration is correct. This alone greatly reduces stress for organisations and individuals alike;
  • Are provided with guidance on procedural matters;
  • Minimise problems and delays arising from a lack of knowledge in immigration law and procedure

As migration experts, it is our job to know what the current laws are regulations are at any given time and for any given state or territory. In Australia, it is illegal to practice as a migration agent without being registered with the Migration Registration Authority (MARA). If you decide to employ the services of a migration agent, be sure to check they are registered with this agency. This will ensure you receive the best advice for your situation. If you have any complaints about the agent, these can also be lodged with the MARA.
If you would prefer not to use an agent, you can get valuable information from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website at www.immi.gov.au